Freelance Web Design

The Cost of Web Design – Explained
Having a website designed by a professional web designer needn’t be difficult, nor expensive. With that said, there are a lot of web design studios and freelance web designers to choose from, aren’t there? A quick search for ‘Freelance Web Designers’ using Google will give you over a million pages to sort through. It’s understandable that most people don’t have the time to look at more than a handful of portfolios before settling with a web design studio or freelance web designer that ‘appears to be good’.

Some of these web design studios and freelance web designers that ‘appear to be good’ charge in excess of £1,000 to design, build and host a website (ridiculous, right?) and they will often provide you with a list of bells and whistles you’ll be getting to justify that price – or confuse you with technical jargon to make you believe the cost is worth it.

Here’s a not so well known fact for you – the average website isn’t worth the figure well known web design studios and freelance web designers charge. Why am I telling you this? I’m an honest person. I don’t exploit those who don’t know so much about what it takes to build a website. I design websites because it is what I love to do. As a very good Freelance Web Designer, and a decent human being, I charge only what is necessary and you will always end up with something I’ve put 100% into.

Freelance Web Designers versus Web Design Studios
Unlike the process of having a website designed through a web design studio, hiring a Freelance Web Designer is considerably easier and won’t cost you as much. You can have a 3 page highly customised website built by me, a Freelance Web Designer, for £300 or less. The exact same website would more than likely cost you double if built by a web design studio. Web design studios charge more because they have more staff to pay and more advertising costs. As a Freelance Web Designer I charge you only for my time, you only deal with me and I get new work mainly from recommendations.